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Hour Payday Loans help provide our UK customers with quick cash loans quickly and efficiently.

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We work with one of the largest selection of Payday Loan Lenders – so you stand the best chance of being approved with Hour Payday Loans than anyone else.

We know that if you are looking for instant cash – you do not want any hassle. Our Payday Loans are therefore fast to apply for and we approve many of our customers in an instant.

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Apply with Hour Payday Loans and, once approved, we aim to get your cash deposited into your bank account within the hour.
  • 2 minute online Payday Loan application form.
  • Approval decision NOW.
  • Nothing to fax, no extra paperwork.
  • Our Payday Loans can help if you have less than perfect credit.
  • Many customers get cash the same day they apply.
  • Less than perfect credit not a problem for payday loans.
  • Recognised as one of the UK’s leading Payday Loan providers with one of the highest approval rates.
Pay day loans -The office of fair trading (OFT) for short, has recently been cracking down on unlicensed online cash lenders in the UK. Hour payday loans are fully registered and approved and we are a responsible broker that will introduce you to a lender. Many people risk all when dealing with instant pay day loan companies who are not registered with all governing bodies that they should be. It’s for the best to keep yourself right, it’s worth having a quick check to see if they have a CCL (consumer credit licence). Often a giveaway that a company may not be trusted is poorly worded content, even spelling mistakes like paydayloans. Do not be fooled by the fast fly by night unlicensed lenders, every site should also be data protected.

Loan Renewal Policy
Renew your loan by contacting the lender directly – you should do this in advance of when payment is due. The majority of lenders will charge the same levels of interest and fees as charged in your original loan – but you will need to check with the lender direct. Renewal may be dependent upon a number of factors including affordability checks. Non-payment can result in damaging your credit rating – contact your lender as soon as you are aware you may have difficulty in paying to reduce the chance of this happening.
Loan Collection Practice
Lenders will attempt to take payment using the bank details you provided on application – contact the lender directly if you feel you may not be able to meet the payment date in full. Non-payment may result in the lender passing your details to 3rd parties for the collection of debt.
Non Payment Implications
It is recommended that you pay on time – and inform the lender direct if you will be unable to do so. If you do not make a payment each lender will have its own penalty charges and interest charges that they may apply. Non-payment could result in debt agencies being contacted and your credit rating could be affected which may damage your ability to borrow in the future. Representative APR Example: APR variable. £300 borrowed over 1 month would equal total borrowing of £375.
Actual Interest is 25%.

Terms and Conditions apply. Actual APR charged will be determined by the lender you are placed with. Typical APR. Actual time to approve your loan will depend on your credit score and who the loan lender is. You may be credit checked as part of your application. Payday Loans should be used for short-term lending only and not as a long-term financial solution. Not all lenders will be able to offer a 100% online option or be able to offer free same day transfer of funds. In some instances extra documentation may be required.

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